Dear Baby Daddy, 

All of those posts you see on Facebook dedicated to all of the incredible husbands out there, don’t fully apply to you. While you are certainly astonishing, you are not yet a husband. However, you deserve recognition just the same. So, this one’s for you, my baby daddy. 

There’s always a negative connotation associated with the term “baby daddy”. That somehow you do less, mean less, because we have yet to be wed. Frankly, it’s just incorrect. So, I’m here to change that. I’m here to shout past the heavens, and through all of the galaxies. You are my baby daddy. I am damn proud of that, and you. 

From the moment that I handed you a positive pregnancy test you have shown up, and you continue to do so. Not because you’re obligated to- legally, or otherwise, but because you choose to. You continue to choose to. From the crazy pregnancy hormones, which seem like a cake walk in the grand scheme of things, to late nights and early mornings with a newborn, and now the day-to-day chaos that our life entails. 

All week you wake up long before the sun does. You work hard to provide for our family. Somehow, you walk back into the door every single day the same way: With arms open wide and a big cheesy grin, you greet us with love, and a big bear hug. On the days when I’m about to pull my hair out. On the days when I’m about to collapse from exhaustion. Even on the days when you don’t get that in return from me. I cannot thank you enough for your warm welcomes home to us. 

You have exceeded my already high expectations that I had for you, ten freaking fold. Being a father just comes so naturally to you. With every new stage, age, or bump in the road, you are remarkable. You were made for this job. Just like I was made to be a mother- his mother. You were made to be his father, and you’re killin’ it. 

Motherhood has been the most magical journey I have ever embarked on. One of the most wonderful aspects of it, is watching you. Watching you embrace this new role, and thrive in it. Watching you change poopy diapers. Watching you make our child laugh like no one else can. Watching you read books (even though it‘s not your cup of tea). Watching you teach him new things. Watching you show him all the beauty this world has to offer. Watching you be present and playful. Watching you console and cuddle when you’re not playing. All of the things. Although, hands down, my favorite thing is witnessing the love and pure joy that fatherhood brings you.

The thing is, the term “baby daddy” doesn’t include your role in my life. The love or support you show me. You’re much more than just a father. You’re my partner. You have been there in the darkest moments of parenthood. Everything that entails postpartum, is not pretty. It’s not easy. It’s even bloody at times. Literally. Yet, without even a wrinkle of your nose, you have always been by my side. You have made me feel beautiful when I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror. You have been my voice of reason when I need one. You have been my anchor when I felt like I was going to float away. You have been fully accepting of the new woman that I am- the mother that I am. You have been an extraordinary partner in this stage of our lives. One I wouldn’t trade for the world. 

There will never be enough ‘thank yous’ or ‘I love yous’ to repay you for all of the sacrifices that you make, or the things that you do. So, I’ll just say, thank you for being a darn good Daddy. Thank you for being ours. Most importantly, thank you for being you. 

I love you, always.

-Your baby mama


  1. Beautiful written as always!! It’s not just baby daddy and baby mama but you guys make a truly amazing family!!! Love you all!!❤️

  2. So sweet! He’s a keeper! I am so glad you found your person! You 3 are my favorite people!

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