I started this blog with a different title (A Procrastinator with a Pen), and a completely different intent (to document the happenings inside this weirdo’s world). Somewhere along the road, I ended up here, Raising Tucker, my son. I traveled down long bumpy back roads most of the time, but the music was always good, and the company was even better. I wouldn’t change a single freaking thing.

When I originally wrote my ‘about me’, I was just a quirky hopeless romantic with anxiety issues trying to find her place in the world. Now, I am the one thing I wanted to be most in life: A Mother.

All I ever dreamed about was creating little humans with a man that made me whole. To be called mommy. To have that “pregnancy glow” and a big cute belly. To be a wife. To look damn good in my wedding dress. To decorate a cozy home filled with love, and a splash of color. I had it all planned out. Well, mostly. I had baby fever in high school for goodness sake. I’ll skip all of the juicy details for now, but somewhere in the story, I moved across the country and fell madly in love with a magical man. (More to come on said man later, alligator) Eventually, I ended up inside the same four tiny walls of a specialty hospital, with more monitors and wires than I can count, and an incubator that held my two and a half pound baby boy.

I may be a mother now, a preemie mom to be exact, but I am still that quirky hopeless romantic, and I definitely still have anxiety issues. I’m just growing into a different version of myself. My best one. The woman I was meant to be. And this is my journey, Raising Tucker.


  1. And here I am bawling again… I just love you and that sweet lil guy!

    1. raisingtucker says:

      Aww we love you so so much!

  2. It’s been quite a journey the last few years! You deserve all the happiness that’s in store for you and your beautiful little family! Love you guys to the moon and back! ❤️

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