Disclaimer: I am no scientist, psychologist, or doctor. I can’t give you statistics on how this will help your little humans become confident, successful adults. I’m just a mom tryin’ her darndest to raise a good human, as I’m sure you can relate. 

Today I wanted to share something with you that I hold very close to my heart. Something that we practice in our home every single day.

I have had my own struggles with self worth over the years, so I very much wanted to find a way to instill confidence in Tucker from a young age. Something he won’t question as he grows, because he believes in himself. He believes that he is handsome, strong, brave- all the things. 

I originally got the idea from, Kaley Munday, but I have modified and adapted this practice to fit our home, and our beliefs. I urge you to modify, change, or add your own, if you decide this is a good fit in your home, for your littles, or even for yourself. 

Marshall was sort of hesitant of this at the beginning, not against it, but I think saying affirming words out loud was just such a foreign concept to him that it made him a tad uncomfortable. Which is another reason finding this practice was so important to me. 

Self confidence or self worth is something very commonly talked about for young girls. While they too struggle, there is a conversation about it. In my opinion, there’s not really a conversation about raising confident young men. As if there’s this assumption that because they’re male, confidence is a part of their DNA. Frankly, I disagree. I believe it is our job as parents to help our children create confidence within themselves. Within all little humans.

While Tucker is brushing his teeth before bed, we stand in the bathroom mirror and do our affirmations. Tuck’s vocabulary isn’t quite there yet, so it’s Marshall or I speaking for the time being. 

Our affirmation practice goes something like this:

I am Tucker.

I am happy. 

I am brave.

I am kind.

I am smart. 

I am handsome.

I am funny.

I am strong, mentally and physically.

I am loved, by myself and others.

I can do anything with hard work. 

We have been doing this for many months now, and our affirmations have changed here or there, but you get the general idea. I think our phrases will change more as Tucker gets older, and can add in things that he chooses to, but this will be something we do in our household for years to come.

This is something we all look forward to, even Marshall too. This has become a ritual for all of us. If I am not home or I’m not in the bathroom, my boys are still in there saying their affirmations. Nothing makes my heart swell more than hearing that from the other room.

Honestly, another reason I LOVE this practice, is because it makes me feel like a good mom. On the good days, and especially the bad. Sometimes we need that little boost after a hard day of parenting to make you believe you’re doing something right. This is that for me. This practice makes me feel like I got this.

Are positive affirmations something you practice in your home? Will you adapt this practice to fit in your home? Let me know your thoughts. I would love to open a conversation about this!

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